About US

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Detroit has been through its tough times, but it's a proud city.  It's rebuilding - with fresh, new ideas and places.  It's changing the way people think of our city. We are part of that change.  Three friends from this proud city - one place we all know and love.  We have friends in every corner of this planet that call Detroit home, or who are hopeful for our city.  The world is a big place, yet we are all connected and closer than we realize.  Our bracelets embody our connections. Our beads are from around the globe, and remind us when we carry the world with us, that we are all connected.  

We believe in giving back.. so from every sale  - we will give 10% to Make-A-Wish. We hope to sponsor one child's dream, then another... then another - well, you get the idea.  Be a part of this.  Wear the world, change a life - it's that simple.

So that's it.  PWRdetroit...  carry the world with you, and the dream of a child.