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made out of shell casings from Crime scnes in detroit.  

Plated in gold. 


PWR DETROIT was originally started as a jewelry company hoping to capture the spirit of Detroit in its design. Industrial colors pay homage to Detroit’s manufacturing past, and each product purchased directly goes to purchasing guns off the streets.

Named after the spirit and power of Detroit, PWR DETROIT embodies the transformation and strength of our city and the people who call it home. In true Detroit fashion, PWR DETROIT wanted to give back to the community in a unique way. That way of giving back is buying back guns.

Through our partnership with the Caliber Foundation, we created the PWRcaliber bracelet. Each PWRcaliber bracelet purchased allows PWR DETROIT with the Caliber Foundation to buy illegal guns off the streets.

Our signature bracelet is made out of shell casings from crime scenes in Detroit, collected by The Detroit Police Department. The shell casings are melted down and then molded into our beads and plated in gold. Our goal for this product is to show the potential for transformation. From of an object of destruction to a motivator for change, the PWRcaliber bracelet is a premium good with a positive impact.